Please find below, the links for the challenge registration, the free support site and the Teacher webinar with Brit Insurance.

To sign up for the challenge: https://britchallenge.gtscholars.org

Support site: https://support.gtscholars.org

Teacher information webinar with GT Scholars & Brit Insurance: https://britchallenge.gtscholars.org/teacher-webinar-replay

If you wish to get access to the school promo pack please email schools@gtscholars.org

General FAQs

The challenges are open to all young people aged 13-18 in the UK.
We’ll be awarding a total of £3000 in prizes, to young people and their nominated school or youth group. 15 young people will win £100 each, and the top 3 nominated schools will get £500 each! Winners for the GT Scholars x BRIT Insurance challenge, will be invited to the Brit Insurance head office in Central London, where you will take part in a career insight day with staff at Brit Insurance. Travel expenses will be covered for the challenge winners and up to two family members.
You can start the challenges anytime from May 2022 and you can complete the challenges in your own time. However, in order to gain your certificate of completion and be considered for the finals, you’ll need to complete all five challenges by Friday 22nd July 2022.
At the start of each challenge, we’ll give you an estimated completion time. The shortest challenge should take no more than 1 hour to complete. The longest challenge should take no more than 2 hours to complete.
Yes, young people will need to complete all 5 challenges before Friday 22nd July 2022, in order to receive a certificate of completion.
We will be looking at young people that show consistency in the quality of their answers throughout the 5 Challenges.
Yes. All 5 of the Challenges are digital and can be accessed by registering for the Challenge online. https://britchallenge.gtscholars.org

Young People FAQs

Young people must sign-up online via the page: https://britchallenge.gtscholars.org/. After you sign up, you’ll receive an email with your login details for the challenge. Please make sure you use the same email address when submitting your answers for each challenge.
You’ll have five challenges to complete. You can do these at school or at home, in your own time. Each challenge includes a video explaining the topic and task. You’ll be given some resources to assist you with answering the challenge question and you’ll have a special page for submitting your challenge answer.
Yes. Each challenge that you’ll be doing is counted as online work experience. You will need to complete and submit your answers to all 5 challenges before Friday 22nd July 2022, in order to qualify for your certificate of completion.
Each challenge will involve real-life business scenarios. You’ll be asked to solve real-life problems in the insurance industry. In the final challenge, you’ll need to pitch a business improvement idea to the CEO of Brit Insurance.
You will need between 1-2 hours for each challenge.
It is not encouraged, but if you made a mistake and need to re-submit your answer, you can send it again using the same form. Your most recent submission will be treated as your final submission.

Parent FAQs

Yes. In order to participate in the challenges, young people must have permission from a parent. Your child can sign up using this page: https://britchallenge.gtscholars.org Accordion Sample Description
The young person will access the challenges online, through a website that is dedicated to the challenges. After your child registers online, they will receive an email with their login details and they will need to set up a password. Accordion Sample Description
Yes, you may register for the challenge using your email address and then let your child know the login and password details. However, please make sure that your child uses the same email address for submitting all of their challenge answers, so that we can know that it is the same person submitting the answers for Challenge 1 through to Challenge 5.
We run a wide range of free expert-led webinars for parents and we send out a weekly newsletter, In the Know, which includes updates on internships, scholarships and work experience opportunities for teens! You can sign up here: https://gtscholars.org/subscribe

Teachers FAQs

These challenges are open to any young person aged 11-18. The tasks have been designed to be easy to understand and most pupils should be able to attempt the challenges without any issues. We will be selecting finalists of different ages and from different parts of the country. We expect that some pupils will provide more detailed answers than others, depending on their year group, age and experience. If your school or class group is participating in the challenges, we recommend that you share details of the challenge with all your pupils, regardless of their current career aspirations and no matter where they are on their career journey. Please get in touch with our schools team if you’d like access to a school promo pack. Email schools@gtscholars.org
The young person will access the challenges online, through a website that is dedicated to the challenges. They will register online and then each challenge is sent to the young person via email.
The Challenges are all online with pre-recorded videos, for the students to watch. Young people must get permission from parents or carers before taking part in these online challenges as they will be sending their challenge answers and presentations through the online submission forms. In addition to this, finalists will be invited to visit the Brit Insurance head office in Central London. In order to visit the head office and participate in the activities at the Career Insight day, they will need permission from a parent or carer and they will need to be accompanied by at least one adult. Please get in touch with us by emailing schools@gtscholars.org if your school needs access to our safeguarding policy and online safety policies.
It is encouraged that each young person works independently as the completed tasks need to be submitted as an individual, not as a group.
If you’d like the video material, school assembly/classroom presentation material, posters, text message reminders and social media posts to share with pupils in your class or pupils at your school, please email schools@gtscholars.org
Yes, you can. The challenges are designed to include cross-curricular activities, helping pupils build various skills such as, Analytical skills, Research skills, Presentation skills, Entrepreneurial skills, Synthesising, Technical skills, Mathematics, Literacy and Creativity.

Other FAQs

We’re always interested in meeting other companies that are passionate about supporting young people with their career journeys. If you’d like to know more about how you can reach young people through digital challenges and online career summits, get in touch by emailing contactus@gtscholars.org